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Want to unlock the power of the CMO-CFO partnership?

Have you ever wondered why only 22% of CMO-CFO partnerships are truly collaborative? It's a statistic that caught my attention, prompting a deeper dive into what makes these relationships thrive.


The study conducted by the CMO Council and KPMG on the dynamics between CMOs and CFOs uncovered a crucial insight: transparency is the cornerstone of success. But what does that really mean?


It's about more than just exchanging numbers and reports. It's about building a bridge between creativity and concrete results. Take performance-based compensation, for instance. Many agencies understand the struggle of delivering outstanding creativity without seeing it translate into tangible revenue. Why? Because traditional models often focus on outputs rather than outcomes.


But what if we shifted this paradigm?


Imagine a scenario where every creative endeavor is directly tied to measurable performance metrics. Not just vanity metrics like clicks and impressions, but real conversion data that speaks the language of finance and procurement.


The research indicates that this shift in approach is a game-changer. By providing CFOs with actionable, data-driven insights, CMOs can demonstrate the true impact of their initiatives on the bottom line.


You can read more about this in the still very relevant article I wrote a while ago.


Making CMO-CFO partnership work

It's not about flashy campaigns or big budgets. It's about precision targeting, informed by rigorous analysis and strategic foresight. It's about performance and that performance has got to be hard metrics, not soft metrics - it's not awareness and recognition – what moves the needle is the contractual transactional data points that marketing provides It's really about the conversion and a surgical approach to marketing to maximize the resources and deliver meaningful results.


So, to all the CMOs out there, I challenge you to rethink your relationship with your CFO. Embrace transparency, leverage data, and together, unlock the full potential of your partnership. The possibilities are limitless.


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