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Redefining marketing's significance: a beacon for CMOs in a dynamic landscape

In the dynamic landscape of today's business world, the role of Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) has never been more critical. Economic headwinds and shifting digital ownership demand that CMOs navigate new challenges and redefine the significance of marketing in an ever-changing enterprise. This guide serves as a beacon for CMOs, offering insights on how to reshape marketing's role to drive business performance and foster profitable growth.

powering commercially productive change

Diminishing influence and the need for change

The winds of change have swept through the marketing realm, with shifts in digital ownership causing a noticeable dip in marketing influence. The question that echoes through boardrooms is - how CMOs can adapt to this change, ensuring that marketing remains a cornerstone of business success.

A model for future success

Enter a model that transcends traditional marketing paradigms – a model encompassing critical vectors of marketing value. Beyond the obligatory focus on ROI, insights, and optimization, this model encourages CMOs to foster a connection to enterprise strategy, have a critical impact on key projects, and empower colleagues across functions.

Catalytic marketing: powering commercially productive change

At the heart of this model is the concept of what Gartner calls catalytic marketing. The model goes beyond traditional approaches, influencing customer behavior by creating experiences that are not just transactional but transformative. Many examples can be found in the B2B sector, where diagnostic tools, ROI calculators, and customer value stories have become catalysts for long-term brand loyalty.

Leadership qualities for success

Successful CMOs embody three leadership qualities – clarity, connections, and courage. Clarity in deciding which initiatives to support, connections to foster collaboration across functions, and the courage to say no to low-value requests are central to navigating the evolving marketing landscape.

Adapting to change and looking forward

In a world where technology disruptions and changing business models are the norm, the need to renegotiate marketing's value is apparent. As digital ownership shifts, collaboration with IT becomes paramount. The key is to adapt and answer the crucial question: "How we can take it to the next level to provide better value?"

The path forward: harmonizing growth strategies across functions

This guidance is aimed at guiding CMOs in orchestrating profitable growth across functions. You are welcome to learn more about the Blueprint for shaping marketing's future impact and how to Drive profitable growth and empower marketing teams with AI integration.


In the face of challenges, CMOs have an opportunity to redefine marketing's significance, not just as a department but as a strategic driver of business success. By embracing change, fostering collaboration, and leveraging catalytic marketing, CMOs can steer their teams towards a future where marketing isn't just a cost center but a catalyst for profitable growth.


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