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Harmonizing growth strategies: empowering CMOs for profitable growth in the next wave

Achieving profitable growth today requires a strategic blend of technology integration, redefining marketing's significance, and most importantly, harmonizing growth strategies across functions. As the final installment in our series focused on leading marketing through the disruptive next wave, we explore how CMOs can elevate their impact by empowering marketing teams, going beyond technology, and fostering human collaboration.

driving profitable growth

Empowering marketing teams with AI integration

In the race for efficiency, AI integration has emerged as a powerful tool for marketing teams. However, our insight suggests that the true potential lies in empowering your teams at the ground level. By providing strategic clarity, identifying workflow changes, and embracing a coaching role, CMOs can unlock the full potential of their teams.

Redefining marketing's significance in a changing enterprise

As the role of marketing continues to evolve, CMOs must redefine their significance in the changing enterprise. It's not just about technology; it's about the people. The research indicates that an empowering approach to collaboration yields superior results. CMOs who prioritize collaboration over enterprise-level solutions are according to Gartner 72% more likely to overperform on revenue and profitability targets.

If you want to learn more about how to redefine marketing's significance in your organization - we have explored how CMOs can lead the charge in reshaping the narrative around marketing's role in the enterprise – here

Harmonizing growth strategies across functions

The core theme of this endeavor has been the importance of harmonizing growth strategies across functions. Cross-functional collaboration is not just a buzzword; it's a pivotal factor in achieving meaningful growth. In our latest article, we delved into the challenges of collaboration drag and outlined practical steps for CMOs to empower their teams, reduce collaboration drag, and propel their organizations toward a future era of unified commercial strategy.

Beyond technology to human collaboration

While technology is undoubtedly a driving force, the heart of successful collaboration lies in human dynamics. We have often discussed how enterprise-level solutions often fall short, emphasizing the need for a collaborative approach within marketing teams. CMOs can navigate this challenge by focusing on the team level, fostering a culture of collaboration, and ensuring that their teams feel capable of navigating organizational complexity.


In the pursuit of profitable growth, CMOs stand at the forefront of change. By empowering marketing teams with AI integration, redefining marketing's significance, and harmonizing growth strategies across functions, CMOs can lead their organizations into the future. These last few articles have provided a comprehensive guide to navigating the disruptive next wave in marketing. As you continue to drive your marketing strategy forward, remember that the key to success lies not only in technology but in the people who power your marketing teams.

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