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Transformation is difficult

How companies engage their employees can mean the difference between success and failure. People are the catalysts of successful transformation.

Transformation is difficult

💥Make the why and the how really compelling. Everybody in your organization should understand why you are transforming and what role they can play in making the future come quicker.

💥Make innovation and execution everyone’s job. Transformation should be something that people do, not something that is done to them.

💥Empower a deep and diverse team. Encourage people to continually bring forth ideas, no idea is too small. And then help them create plans that turn these ideas into value, to drive them all the way to the bottom line. Increase the odds by identifying and removing the barriers while finding new ways to get things done.

💥Make it personal. Getting excited about transformation initiatives to meet or exceed financial targets is not enough, People are not likely to rally around a set of numbers. Incentive bonuses can help but are not enough - everyone needs to feel that there is a higher purpose in driving change. The quicker people understand aspirations and new expectations, the sooner real change starts happening.


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