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Top 3 misconceptions about digital transformations

Digital transformations have been my reality since 2008. Starting in a global enterprise environment, company-wide transformations, lately being more focused on sales and marketing areas helping them increase their impact and improve their customer experience through engagement and thus accelerate their growth.

Facing many challenges I came across 3 big misconceptions about digital transformations

Top 3 misconceptions about digital transformations

  • You are doing it for your company. NO, you are doing it for your customers, so you can deliver better value and better satisfy their needs. With their purchase decision company gets rewarded, and not the other way around.

  • It’s a one-time project. NO, it’s an ongoing process, focused on improvement and ongoing development from learning, insight, and new ideas, directed toward the future,

  • Somebody says we will transform and then it happens. NO, people their understanding, their buy-in, and their commitment are key for success, Driven by the purpose and inspired to go where they wouldn’t go before.


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