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New normal - navigating to what’s next

New normal - navigating to what’s next

The world around us is changing. There are no written rules for what is coming next. We are learning what works and what doesn’t. We are adapting to daily shifting preferences, habits, expectations and behaviors on the go. Many have been pushed to accept the Online first reality. Many are using this occasion to experiment, to find new creative ways of “how-to “ while being flexible with innovation implementation.

We are living the accelerated development. This is also the time for quick learning and embracing new ideas. To help each other out, it is important we step together, collaborate, forge new alliances and share the knowledge. The impact of these shifts on how we live, how we work, and how we use technology will emerge more clearly over the coming weeks and months.

McKinsey is suggesting a 5-step leadership guidance to new normal, so we can exit with a stronger sense of what makes business more resilient, more productive, and better able to deliver to customers.


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