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It feels like a long Groundhog Day


It feels like a long Groundhog Day

It's madness how time goes by when we are working more and harder. It feels like a long Groundhog Day 😅😂. I could benefit from a vacation outside of the 4 walls, having the luxury of in-person interactions over coffee, to breathe in and out, and I am sure I am not the only one.

Even though I don’t expect that 2021 will be about stability and getting back to normal, I remain positively optimistic. It is likely to be another year full of major transitions and embracing change, toward new and better. So, a reminder to me - to not forget about myself in between - so I can be my best.

Annastiina Hintsa shares a powerful message when she says “We should not forget about our wellbeing, it is the foundation of sustainable high performance, not a reward for it. To be more resilient to the setbacks, we can’t base our identity just on one thing.“ So true.


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