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Going beyond the functional role

Going beyond the functional role

Marketing is about future success, future revenue, and future profit. When putting a Customer in the center of everything that the company does, a modern marketing organization needs to become agile. Discussion is not anymore about what marketing does; it is about transforming how the work is being done. It used to mean broad offerings and experiences across large customer segments - today, the goal is to better leverage data from customer interactions and use insights to better meet customer needs and creatively deliver relevant value to the segment of One.

That is why modern marketing organization needs to start working as a collaborator across the board and connect different stakeholder around knowledge of the customer.

Marketing operations should be designed to:

📌support effectiveness, measured by ROI and customer-engagement metrics;

📌reduce complexity, ensuring that spending, technology, processes are all managed to deliver maximum impact;

📌enable the use of data-led innovation to drive better decisions and keep customers at the center of the business.

Marketers must be empowered to innovate and build on the knowledge, be brave in technology adoption to be able to scale and achieve customer-centricity. Therefore, marketing transformations are focused on culture, where efforts are based on teamwork, goals are not just individual, and achievement is focused on team performance and accountability.


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