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Effective, efficient, transparent, and ROI driven

The pressure is mounting on marketing organizations to deliver better results with lower costs. So, it's not just about increasing the impact and being effective, the discussion is building the attention toward increasing the ROI.

Effective, efficient, transparent, and ROI driven

Marketers were forced to double-down on marketing technology to accelerate incomplete digital transformations. Now, big investments poured into technology adoption are expected to pay out and deliver on its promises. And here marketing needs a trusting partner in IT and establish an efficient CMO- CIO collaboration, to stay nimble, innovative enterprise-aligned, and data-driven to keep the customer and business objectives at the front and center, to fuel the recovery. Effective collaboration has proved to be a necessary foundation for optimizing investment returns.

A great study developed by CMO Council and KPMG provides a deeper insight on where to put attention while establishing a strong CMO - CIO partnership.


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