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What is your take on the resistance?

For as long as I can remember I have always been part of the change- whether we call it transformation, evolution, or simply building on information to get better and increase the impact. I used to see it as something negative, a judgment. Sometimes I have also questioned my capabilities not realizing that this is an integral part of the development journey when we are faced with change. It’s a mechanism of how we try to cope.

Now, if we can tackle that resistance there is a significant amount of wisdom there.

Helena Mah

Over the years I have learned to deal better with how to work with the resistance, rather than seeing it as something that needs to be contained and minimized. The recent situations made things significantly easier when change became daily normal for everybody. It looks like we have become more open to embracing the change. Resistance is a sign that people care. It’s a sign that people are passionate about what they do. I have learned to admire the passion that people bring to the table. We need to work together and convert this passion into a constructive discussion. What a change when you enter the discussion with this new perspective.

In the role of a consultant when we want to help our customers transform and elevate their impact, and help them solve their problems – isn’t our role also to listen and learn more, so we can help and support them better?


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