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We are at the crossroads between the potential and the opportunity

We have now spent months adapting to change and delivering new solutions at speed, yet it feels like it’s never been more important to prioritize our time and energy.

In daily work, I see so many trying to keep up by doing everything, but this doesn’t pay off. Especially not when speed and pragmatic response to market challenges play a vital role. Simultaneously, while we are reacting, we also need to transform and develop in the direction of the future we have outlined for our organization. So how to better manage change? And how to focus on the right things?

Less is usually more. If companies want to succeed in their transformation, they need to consider if they are doing the right things.

The clarity and better understanding of the situation also come from the decision of which things to keep and which ones to abandon on our way forward.

👓 By asking ourselves what is not relevant to our customers anymore; what is not bringing value to business performance.

👓 By looking at our challenges from a different perspective, in this instance by zooming out rather than zooming in.

👓 By removing the barriers to success.

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