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The new CMO mandate - Driving measurable revenue growth

Dear CMOs, CROs, and Managing directors.

Driving measurable revenue growth is the new CMO mandate.

The new CMO mandate - Driving measurable revenue growth

Well, this ambition is not new, but surely more critical today.

Sharing with you access to articles I wrote a while ago. Guidance derives from first-hand experience of how modern marketing can elevate the impact and generate customer value, better contribute to business performance, and drive its success. Based on your specific challenges, I am reopening the discussion to learn from your experience.

Today’s delivery of marketing is ultimately the revenue

Chasing the elusive upward growth curve

Growth - one of the absolute and top priorities for marketing departments

When Marketing and Sales Teams Drive Towards the Same Goals, ROI Dramatically Improves

A clear, transparent, and persuasive view of how marketing creates value

Sales and marketing alignment is really about the customer

Becoming a Part of Revenue Conversation

Need help in making it work? Want to Unlock Your Growth and Turn Your Marketing into a High-ROI Revenue Engine? 👉 let me know

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