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Drop fo milk


Drop of Milk is a growth consultancy that helps scale your business and bring your vision to life.

I'd love to help you to 


How well is your marketing providing value to your Enterprise? I help you transform your marketing organization into a revenue-generating engine. Through technology adoption and digitalization you will increase the business performance and delivery of value to your customers. Your marketing can become a champion of the customer's voice across the organization and a growth driver through collaboration to achieve over 50% bigger deals and double-digit revenue growth.


Only ~ 30% of business transformations succeed. Do you want to improve your odds and exit as a winner? Based on your vision and insights I develop your business strategy, provide you with guidance for the development, and help you define key initiatives to scale your performance. I help you understand the business potential and how to get there. I help you bring your vision to life and support you to achieve your business success. 


Did you know that by optimizing how you operate you can save between 30-40% of your budget? And if you reinvest these gains into the right things you can fuel your growth and generate 30% - 200% more revenue? Through the development of how your company operates, I can help you raise your productivity and performance by scaling your efforts and delivering a stronger impact.

Helena Mah


I am a Transformational leader who takes a vision and makes it a reality.

Understanding the threads of opportunity through an organization I can help your company to bring them together into a coherent strategy.

In over twenty years of international experience, I have inspired action and empowered individuals to unlock their potential and innovate to accelerate growth. I am helping organizations to elevate impact, supporting organizational evolution while enabling innovation and customer value, spearheading major strategic transformations through digitalization and technology adoption.

Helena Mah
Helena Mah


Helena's role in the Brand sales strategy has been very powerful and she has brought together all of the key stakeholders well to deal with a tricky thing. I feel very reassured having Helena on board supporting the process and implementation across the board, taking the Lead across all BU and thus drive Celtra positioning globally respectively to key targeted Client audiences.


Jonathan Milne

Chief Revenue Officer, Celtra

How it works


situation assessment

team feedback

gaps and opportunity identification


bringing the threads of the opportunity 

 into a coherent strategy


getting people's buy-in, commitment, engagement  and ownership

Prioritize your future success.
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