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The customers don’t want to be sold or marketed to

The customers are keener to hear from you than ever before, but they don’t want to be sold or marketed to.

There is a growing disconnect between buyers and vendors. According to

Momentum “90% of enterprises say it’s important that their vendor sales and marketing teams are aligned throughout the buying process. The remaining 10% say it’s “extremely important.” Customers are finding themselves in a tough spot. They feel neglected and say their suppliers have lost insights into their business. Much information used is still accredited pre-covid, and we need to close the gap.

The customers don’t want to be sold or marketed to

- Sales and marketing need to offer a consistent interface – establish a connection that is relevant and customized.

- Focus on adding value, not volume.

- Rethink the engagement and adapt to “where the customer is “ and “how they operate”.

- Build a dialogue not a monologue and open up a channel of learning to get a wider perspective trying to solve the problem.


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