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Work smarter, not harder.

How work gets done is being reshaped with digital technology and the value of high-performing teams is gaining recognition. However, some companies have been hesitant to invest in the technology and therefore have not yet experienced great success from such investments.

Technology adoption offers potential value beyond historical results and it’s projected to be prioritized above resource management and performance measurement. According to the CMO Council, 69% of companies are investing more in MarTech but fail to effectively use it to collect, integrate, and analyze data, which indicates a disconnect between marketing efforts and spending, business needs, and priorities.

Work smarter, not harder.

Business leaders expect improved customer insights and an improved understanding of customer intent. According to Mapp- Forrester's study, those companies that have embraced the technology in their day-to-day report improved flexibility and ability to pivot. Putting technology to work, these companies are reporting updates to strategy (62%), an improved understanding of customer intent (58%), and improved customer insights (57%) - all crucial for growth and driving the company forward.


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