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Wired to avoid uncertainty

No matter how hard we try, there’s no escaping it. Planning for a future isn’t just about preparing yourself with new skills or making new connections. It’s also about making strategic choices about what to leave behind. it’s hard to give up things in which you’ve invested a lot of energy and time. And it’s easy to be nostalgic about the past, especially when faced with uncertainty.

We often say - a new year a new beginning. For me, this means moving forward. It can also mean taking a clear-eyed view of what’s no longer serving and making space to pursue something new. it’s best to see the uncertainty as an opportunity for growth. It is an opportunity to

#reset expectations and revisit established practices- it is an opportunity to improve, reshape and re-perfect.

I think it is important to write down the new goals, to remind us what we want to achieve and to become more successful. And especially nowadays get to know your teammates better, expand your network – it is about collaboration and working together on a solution, building on each other’s ideas.


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