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What a ride

This year has put things in perspective - what we need and what we don’t, what matters, how flexible we are to embrace change and act on it.

putting things in perspective

It was a productive and busy year. Maybe just because of lockdown and new challenges. I am grateful for new learnings and new ideas, for being able to learn from others, for being encouraged and empowered to build on their ideas. This was not self-explanatory during the time I was growing up when working hard was considered a virtue and your ideas were your own.

Not everybody is fostering their network along the journey. Simply just living your life you meet people and you develop connections. Looking back I should have been more intentional about that. Gaining new perspectives, new viewpoints through experience, understanding what works and what doesn’t is so important when you are trying to re-perfect something or adapt to the new environment. Meeting new leaders, enthusiasts, experts, people not afraid to challenge and grow, building new partnerships with more experienced people that are curious and eager to shape tomorrow, was my ambition and it gave me so much. I feel grateful and privileged for these lessons.


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