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What a difference in the pace for change

Leading business transformations and managing change has taught me the importance of proper buy-in, alignment, efficient communication, ongoing prioritization, and impact. But, if there is no commitment to change not much will happen.

I am sometimes sad to see companies reluctant to push for change. Struggling with many questions - what to do differently to increase performance, how to change to remain competitive, what to prioritize, what to do differently to increase impact? Not easy questions, but a rewarding process of answering them and committing to change.

There are a few other key ingredients needed for success - courage, passion, and surrounding ourselves with the right people, learning from each.

I was privileged to be invited to one of the local events last week which got me thinking. What a blow of new wind, so powerful, so many new ideas and experiences, where the main question was centered around progress - how to further evolve and better support customers, provide added value, act differently today and now. No fear, no hesitation, just pure ambition.

It’s time to reset, reinvent, and act. We are living in what we used to call the future.

What a difference in the pace for change


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