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We need to get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable.

It’s a time for leaders to think about what type of leader they need to be for their team.

We need to get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable.

Re-imagine the future

Paint what’s possible and how to make it happen to reach the end goal.

Power of the purpose

The leader’s job is not only to show the opening in the sky but also to enable the team to breakthrough.

Believing in others

Every problem presents an opportunity – so it’s important to create an environment where ideas can thrive and empower the team to act.

Welcoming new ideas

Use agile to build resilient teams and create a safe environment to try new ideas out. Optimize failure as a teachable moment for all, by avoiding blame and harvesting the lessons learned.

Balancing realism and optimism

Communication now is critical. Don’t ignore the personal touch and do everything you can to put people’s minds at ease. Don’t sugarcoat and openly communicate about the financial health of the organization, describe specific strategies to survive the economic downturn to remove doubt and fear. Be responsible and explain the rationale for the tough decision straightforwardly and transparently, to help people understand and better accept the necessity.

Work toward the new normal

Even a rough recovery plan will enable actionable focus, but don’t forget to break down barriers to performance and secure stability.

It is always darkest before the dawn, but this is only a moment in time. In the next moment, we will see light.


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