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Today, it's not about either/or.

Marketers need to be both strategic and operational.

Marketers need to be both strategic and operational.

Market structures, competitors, customers, channels, prices, value propositions, and business models - all are shaken up. We need to deepen our market understanding and better balance how the “where” intersects with the “why.”

Business, therefore, needs marketers to make “sense” of a world of relentless market-driven change - to identify the new opportunities for business growth, both in existing and new markets, to explore and shape them to their advantage and thus influence innovation across different aspects of the business

It’s also becoming more and more about exploring what more you can do. Your growth should not be limited just by finding more customers for existing products, or more products for existing customers. You need to think broader and think about how you can go further – leveraging your assets, capabilities, and imagination in new ways.


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