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The shift from Product to Customer Experience has changed the marketing remit

Many companies continue to equate marketing with communications, but modern marketing has long evolved from being a tactical function to an organization-wide strategic discipline. The adoption of a Customer-centric approach has significantly changed the scope and ways of how we approach our customers. Marketing is being transformed into a revenue-generating engine, having a strong and measurable contribution to the company’s value and the offering.

Marketing must know its customers - understand their behaviors, intent, what they value and why, identify their needs and expectations - and advocate for them in product, sales, service, operational decisions, etc.

To deliver higher impact, modern marketing is becoming:

✔a connector cross-department to deliver end-to-end customer experience excellence

✔a collaborator around customers’ voice and a partner in execution

Modern marketing is also:

🌱building on data insights, using technology potential to deliver value and meet customer needs

🌱shaping perceptions while driving customer engagement.

There should be no question anymore, modern marketing can and is driving business growth.

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