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The customer journey is not a novelty

The customer journey is not something new. Even though lately we are reading about this term like it’s a novelty. It’s not. It starts and ends with the outcome customers are trying to achieve - their intended purpose. Everything in between is the experience.

What has changed is the importance of understanding your audience, your customer - not only “what” customers choose but also “how” they go about choosing - and how well we use these signals to shape their perceptions, and their experience to drive business performance.

The customer journey

Customers have greater choice and are more flexible about how and where they engage than ever before. Every time a customer achieves their purpose, the company that enabled them to do so, gets rewarded.

Customers engage in multiple journeys during their relationship, so to be effective it’s worth remembering in their design to:

🧶 be customer-centric, not company-centric.

🧶 be flexible on need points, not touchpoints, and simplify their journey.

🧶 manage and optimize customer progress toward satisfying their needs and achieving the desired result.

More about how to focus on making customer journey efficacy you can read in the


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