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Sometimes things need to break to enable reset

Sometimes things need to break to enable reset

There are times when we are in a driver seat but sometimes things just happen to us. And if our environment changes, we need to adapt to a new situation as well.

It’s time to reset. To be able to move forward productively we need to anticipate, align, and adapt.

What makes it interesting is that every week we feel we have made progress and then something changes again. Which makes it hard to predict how we will come out of this.

And what makes it challenging is that we don’t have a yearly strategy like we were used to, previous operating models are stretched and simply don’t work in such an environment.

What we do have is

  • a narrow window to learn and adapt to what is to come in the next months.

  • a robust strategy with shifting scenarios supporting our quick decisions, helping us to create options for the next quarter.

  • an ability to change by doing, invent along the way and take these learning as a valuable part of going forward.

  • a desire to invest in what will deliver the impact and the return.

We have a wonderful opportunity to explore and exploit, to learn and grow. It's time to act.


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