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Rethinking what is working and how things get done.

I see that enterprises that I have spoken to over the years about transition and transformation - where there were a lot of discussions and dipping toes in the water but not moving – so many of those enterprises have now gone from talking to having a real plan.

We are also seeing how organizations are implementing change that is radically human and it has a lot to do with “how” and less with “what”.

Ideally, these transitions start from the top, but we should not forget that anyone can start the #change, anyone can start a conversation, and anyone can start behaving in more human ways.

Rethinking what is working and how things get done.

So, challenge yourself and those around you with a question:

- Are you being bold enough in your ambition, in your innovation?

- Do your people truly understand what your customers want and are they relentlessly pursuing that?

- And then critically - if not me now - then who, when?


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