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Priorities for CEOs in a Changing World

As a CEO, your role has evolved in this rapidly changing world. Prioritization is key, and we've identified concrete priorities to guide you through these challenging times.

✅ First and foremost, building resilience is crucial. Think of resilience as an organizational muscle, allowing you to deal with adversity, withstand shocks, and adapt quickly. Speed is of the essence here, as resilient companies have generated shareholder returns 50% higher than their less resilient counterparts. How did they achieve this? By preparing well, embracing flexibility in supply chains, and proactively addressing potential disruptions like cybersecurity threats.

✅ The second priority is adopting a courageous mindset toward change. Rather than shying away from change, lean into it. Embrace technology as the foundation for growth, enabling you to build new businesses and seize opportunities arising from shifts such as the energy transition. Keep your focus on net zero and continue the progress we're seeing across industries.

✅ But none of this can be achieved without the right talent. Rethinking how to compete and win in the talent market is vital. Your talent value proposition underpins everything you do. Invest in the most value-driving roles and attract the best talent to ensure success, even in challenging times.

What matters in a flux? Well, you have six key elements to consider in your job: setting the direction, aligning the organization, mobilizing through leaders, engaging the board, connecting with stakeholders, and managing personal effectiveness. These elements provide a framework for success.

In an environment dominated by macroeconomic and geopolitical volatility, leaders must make strategic decisions regardless of external factors. Calibrated risks must be pursued to propel companies boldly forward. Some may stick with their business models across plausible macro outcomes, while others will identify unique opportunities and risks.

The future may be uncertain, but we can all develop scenarios and make different plans. Let's navigate this changing world together, leveraging resilience, embracing change, and attracting top talent. With the right approach, even in tough times, good things can happen.

Priorities in a changing environment


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