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Now is the time

The amount of disruption we are dealing with is particularly affecting how we interact with each other, collaborate, communicate, innovate, deliver, and serve. I don’t see a path going back, neither can I imagine this kind of change acceleration a decade ago.

Waiting to see what will happen and rely on hope, when everything around is changing, is not a good strategy. It is time to reset.

Now is the time

Forward-thinking businesses are now accelerating their efforts to build future capabilities by:

- developing organizations that can continually learn, innovate, and adapt.

- building functional and critical thinking skills at different levels of the organization, increasing the capacity to engage with technology, and the use of advanced analytics.

- having fast,agile teams across the organization, enabling them with the right structures, processes to move faster.

- promoting a knowledge-sharing culture, being open to new experiences, and flexible thinking.

- developing leaders focused on inspiring their organizations with a clear vision of the future, and then empowering others to realize the vision.

It’s time to rethink, reinvent, and act now. Success will favor the bold and the fast.

More useful reading on the topic: McKinsey


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