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Not going back but going forward

Helena Mah

Every given week seems to provide reminders that, we can’t control the degree of change, uncertainty, and complexity we face. I was brought up in a time when asking a question meant you knew the answer in advance. Over time, I have learned that continued learning can improve my ability to adapt and to navigate the increasing complexity more effectively. Since then, I intentionally dedicated the time to learning, to asking questions, while before I was more looking back, to capture what I have learned from experience.

What helps me gain new perspectives, and generate new ideas:

  • Listening more, and better (people who know me, know I like to talk as well 😅, so it takes effort).

  • Zooming out – when interdependencies and larger patterns start to stand out, potentially revealing unforeseen obstacles and new solutions.

  • Giving up the idea of solving issues alone. Reaching out to people whose opinions we value, plugging into different experiences, their thinking, and their sources can help make better sense of a complex issue.

It’s a constant reminder to embrace the discomfort of not knowing, to be able to move forward.


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