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Modern marketer - a customer experience and growth-driving champion

The purpose of data and analytics is not data collection itself, but rather gaining insight into the accuracy of business decisions and enablement of support for decision making to increase the impact.

  • The rise of the data-driven marketer has propelled the marketing function beyond promotion into a customer experience and growth-driving champion.

  • Senior management and board members expect that marketers drive measurable growth.

  • Growth-driving marketing needs to more effectively leverage data insights to drive strategic activities.

  • Marketers need to embrace new digital marketing and customer engagement technologies to improve ROI.

  • To truly elevate CX, marketers must move beyond gut-driven activities and towards data-driven campaigns with measurable outcomes that determine and define success.

The challenge today is how to transform the data into useful insights. I would suggest reading this CMO Council research to benefit from insights when you are building or enhancing your CX culture.

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