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Let's elevate “to be” to the same level as “to do.”

Many businesses I meet are struggling and are very operational in their focus. Many are facing a choice of how to react that may affect their brands, solutions, and customer perceptions.

Millennials, who are estimated to represent ~35% of the global workforce, deeply care about company purpose and its meaning. So, what companies choose to do and decide to stand for will be understood as evidence of their purpose, values, mission, and strategy. A lot of this comes down to how leaders individually choose to dedicate their time and how they demonstrate what is relevant to them. The move from captain to becoming a servant leader impacts not only their organization but also society at large.

Gary Burnison said it well “To imagine tomorrow we need three things: positive thinking, a strong foothold in reality, and a deep and enduring sense of purpose.”

I believe it is time to unfreeze rooted habits and take advantage of this moment to reform how we contribute as leaders.

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