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Innovation is central to the growth

Marketing organizations face a new reality, with a greater need to adapt workplace practices, respond to changing customer needs, and improve returns on their investments with better measurement and attribution models.

According to Salesforce’s ‘State of Marketing report, 4 out of 5 customers agree that the experience a company offers is as important as its products and services. But it needs to be relevant to drive engagement.

Innovation is central to the growth

High-performing marketers have long ago realized that the customers must be listened to, so their new needs are understood and met. While marketing is often a customer experience advocate and champion, maintaining the high pace of innovation requires an effective collaboration of digital transient teams.

🤝 Having strong internal partnerships, driving personalized messaging with #eCommerce teams.

🤝 Sharing metrics and passing the ball to each other throughout the execution during the full #customerjourney with #sales.

🤝Contributing to tech decisions and building trusting collaboration with IT to stay nimble, innovative enterprise-aligned, and data-driven

🤝Aligning and collaborating with customer services to support open service cases, support the process, and deliver new value to the customer.

🤝Being upfront and honest with finance about the measurement, understanding the marketing impact and contribution to the business.

Innovation is essential as customer expectations evolve. It shapes our new digital strategies through collaboration so we can better serve customers’ needs in real-time, supporting growth and generating the future.


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