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Innovating for Success: Transitioning from Transaction to Value in the IT and Tech Industry

With the continued focus on growth and performance, it is becoming clear that how we used to do things is not working anymore. Many companies are thus rethinking their go-to-market and more and more we are seeing a division between those who want to thrive and those that are merely surviving.

Managing in this environment is as much managing change, cycle after cycle, as it is managing continuity - that essential core that remains unchanged, the center of stability and resilience (mission, purpose, capabilities).

Well, the situation in the market will not stabilize. Customer expectations and behaviors continue to evolve - this is the “new normal”. The right question we should be asking is how to become more flexible and resilient for the changes that are still to come.

Transitioning from Transaction to Value

Successful businesses are thus already transitioning from transactional to value, shifting from quantity to quality. This transition is a must and is especially evident in the IT and Tech segment. Vendors are reaching out to their partners, and distributors seeking their help to scale their reach and looking for support in the deployment of their solutions. Yet this partnership can only succeed if both teams work together as one.

In this context, vendors need to listen better and clarify what kind of support is needed; plus they need to identify where in the sales funnel their support is needed the most.

Vendors can scale their growth by becoming a value-added Partner in sales.

The partner ecosystem is also evolving. Individual businesses are rethinking how they can better scale their own business. The fact is that they are driven by how they can increase their own performance, and their own revenue streams. So, vendors need to optimize their go-to-market. They need to re-think how they can better support their partners.

  • Activate them through a differentiated value approach with a strong driven competitive advantage.

  • Engage with them differently to accelerate business performance and enhance profitability.

  • Demonstrate their commitment to the partner’s success

  • Optimize collaboration and support partner transformation through demand generation, handing over those opportunities to partners and helping them close those deals.

And this way transition to becoming a value-added partner in sales.


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