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I don’t have all the answers

I don’t have all the answers

We all need to think about what these challenges mean and rethink what they could mean for the future, for us, for our company, for our brands, ...

I would suggest though we start using reimagine recovery instead of rapid recovery - reimagine a new way of life – nevertheless, this is a precious opportunity to look back and embrace the change. We need to look around the corner and recognize the potential of what this moment represents. This is a moment we will look back on historically and say “remember when ... we used this time to do XYZ.”

I am following my advice by stepping out of my comfort zone to gather new insights, new viewpoints, and surrounding myself with more experienced people, experts to gain new perceptive, people that have demonstrated it can be done. It helps me to re-perfect, improve, reshape the offer to market to be able to deliver the difference needed.

I am convinced it is the time to act with purpose, ambition, and boldness. And we all need to answer - do we want to be a responder or the shaper of change. It is important how we are investing our time today.

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