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How sales can collaborate better to address decision-makers in the buying process?

Customers are better informed and more demanding than ever before.

Purchase decisions are taken by buying committees comprised of different roles, each having its own needs and expectations. That is why sales need to become trusted advisors, and not act as traditional sales anymore.

  • Tailor the approach to customer pain points and business goals. Point out the improvements and value the solution can deliver, and not focus on the features.

  • B2B sales must understand how customer currently operates, consider their data, how it’s stored, their existing tech stack, their progress in the digital transformation, and be aware of any specific regulatory sector demands.

  • Collaborate with marketing to help identify potential bottlenecks, capture a unique view, so #marketing can address them through tailored communication to the respective audience, and help nurture the discussion moving through the funnel. While #sales need to become flexible to engage in social selling and speaking about the value the solution is generating. With deal closing also getting customers on board to showcase best practices on behalf of the company to generate future demand.

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