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Dealing with uncertainty

Dealing with uncertainty

Things are going to change rapidly over the next couple of months, years. We are seeing a different type of conversation influenced by unique B2B or B2C environments, and their situations whether they are dealing with spend optimizations or culture shifts. All unique and relevant when companies are pivoting themselves, trying to evolve. To better deal with uncertainty companies can:

📌become a lot more agile in their approach, considering multiple scenarios, as we simply don’t know what is going to happen in the next couple of months.

📌consider budget optimizations as an opportunity to do things better, to understand the market, devise new ways to approach it, unlock new channels to deliver messages, and better reach audiences. The last thing we want to do is doing the blind cut.

📌accelerate initiatives that are piling for too long and are necessary today. Face to face engagements can’t be done in the same way anymore. We need to understand what customers want and how they want to interact with us to enable the satisfaction of their needs.

📌rethink product positioning and adapt so it is relevant to address the customer needs and adds value to the market today.


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