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At the crossroads between patience and frustration

I am sure many still remember the days of our childhood when everything seemed to be in a natural order of progress, when certain milestones meant you were ready for the next step, progressing at an even pace. Flash forward to today when everything seems to be measured by speed when everything needs to be ready in minutes when actions are subject to instant gratification, decisions are made by swiping left or right.

At the crossroads between patience and frustration

The last year and a half have tested our patience and we must admit we were also not always reasonable with expectations toward ourselves or the world around us, pulled into this storm, trying to find our bearings in this constant uncertainty. When “already” has been switched with “not yet” like we are chasing something. Constantly balancing performance and transformation, results and resilience, precision and ambiguity, accountability and compassion.

It’s exhausting and testing our patience – but what is the alternative? We don’t want to succumb to mediocrity and complacency, not now after what we have been through. Patience is becoming a virtue, and even my grandmother said “Yes, you can rush but you need to learn to rush slowly, so others can follow you. “

So I guess, in the meantime, we need to learn to appreciate the moment, the small wins we are achieving, learnings and gains we are gathering over time - without losing sight of the horizon. And appreciate every moment- what we have, celebrate what we’ve done, and what we’ve overcome – by having patience. And keep moving forward- everything we do brings us one step closer to greater success,


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