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Are you struggling to achieve a successful lead handshake?

 Are you struggling to achieve a successful lead handshake

When sales and marketing have agreed on which accounts to target and what to achieve with those individual accounts - now both teams need to agree on clear and measurable KPIs and put the robust process in place.

🔸Agree who does what, who is responsible for the delivery of individual stage in the customer journey.

🔸Define criteria for each lead stage, this will give you direction on what you need to do next.

🔸Secure one truth from data and visibility of insights, progress to all involved.

🔸Regularly discuss lead progress and clarify the challenges that are bothering you, challenges that are impeding your performance.

🔸Agree on criteria for successful handover between sales and marketing that both teams need to respect.

🔸Communicate the plan and its goals, with expectations set accordingly with your teams - implement process review at least quarterly to secure modification if necessary.

🔸Don’t forget to monitor progress after the handshake and ensure those leads don’t get cold.

It sounds straightforward in theory, but putting it in the reality, means a complex change.


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