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Allowed to make mistakes

Allowed to make mistakes

Once before I found myself in a situation similar to the one we are facing today. There was a need to boost creativity and innovation. We needed to find new ways to market, to connect and build on each other's strengths, to test new ideas out, learn what resonates, and open up new opportunities. There was a need for a different approach, a need to empower the team to be able to scale, so I took a bold decision to allow mistakes and encourage learning from them. To my surprise, higher productivity and team engagement emerged, which allowed us to achieve what some deemed impossible.

Doing things differently and innovating today, testing new ideas out is so relevant for tomorrow's success. The current shift demands boldness and learning at the pace of the market. To be able to keep up, as leaders we need to

  • break down the barriers limiting innovation, encourage collaboration, and integrate diverse perspectives to foster forward-thinking evolution.

  • help our organizations to adopt new learnings, where failure is a practice to get better.

  • lead with purpose, anticipate constantly changing realities, partner with competitors, mobilize top teams, and build on trust.


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