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A more “relevant to me” experience

Whether we want to speak to another person or contact a business, the rules of engagement are changing. Human-like formats and conversational interfaces are becoming the new standard for customer engagement.

A more “relevant to me” experience

How can Conversational marketing help?

Engaging with customers in conversations can help us understand their in-the-moment needs, instead of guessing what is on their mind and establish a more tailored #digitalmarketing approach.

What is then the role of technology in this?

It can help us execute more efficiently and effectively - enable contextual hyper-personalization while supporting meaningful experiences at scale. This way customers can

✅receive answers to their questions and make more confident choices when choice overload is driving them to abandon their decisions mid-purchase.

✅validate their decisions through quick conversations getting to the root of their needs and find the right solution.

✅experience value through enhanced brand or service experience.

Don’t forget to add humanity to conversations. It can be an incredibly powerful way to deliver value, minimize friction, increase conversion rates, and improv


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