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Marketing should put more attention to lead nurturing.

Marketing should put more attention to lead nurturing.

This stage in lead management is often forgotten and unrightfully so.

Marketing generates leads, which are typically scored against criteria proved by both sales and marketing departments and divided into two types. Those that hit the agreed score are passed on to the next stage, while the rest go into a nurture program.

When a lead is identified, we don’t just simply pass it on to sales, we rather use the Account-Based Marketing approach to generate personalized communications that recognize the concerns and respond to customers’ questions. In other words, we are warming up the lead:

🌱 by learning more about the customer interest following their actions, and understanding their intention to buy through their engagement.

🌱 by providing the customer with relevant content and answers to their questions, at the right time, the right channel, and thus shaping their confidence to buy.

🌱 by being creative and adaptive to customer context, and their situation while providing an option or advice to understand us in a new light.

🌱 by ensuring they have all the required information to convince their peers and decision-makers to take the next step in the buying process.


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