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When we show we are human, people will accept us better.

While the workplace is becoming increasingly collaborative and virtual, leaders are doing better if they cultivate genuine connections and rapport. Authenticity and transparency play an important role in our perceptions and behaviors, and what that means is beautifully described in this article.

Herminia Ibarra addresses the dilemma of an #authenticity paradox "when you find yourself facing a choice between being yourself or doing what it takes to be effective”.

When we show we are human, people will accept us better.

Being yourself is not always easy. Authenticity, a trait that can help us significantly increase results when working through teams, through people. A trait, driven by our values and our beliefs, how we find and follow our voice when we are connecting with others. It means, learning about ourselves and understanding how other people see us.

Courage plays also an important role in being authentic Why? When we are re-humanizing working relationships - being human - compels us to be vulnerable, and thus we can become engaging, inspiring, and effective with others. We need to take a hard look at who we are, before showcasing our experience and defending something. Would you agree?


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