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Unlocking the potential for customer engagement

Technology is designed to help automate our daily routines and to help us scale our efforts. Unfortunately, data assets are still often being underutilized to seize personalization opportunities. According to a recent Reaserchscape survey, personalization is increasing loyalty (59%), generating measurable lift/ROI (50%), and driving more leads (44%). Therefore, marketing should pay more attention to better understand existing customers learn how to retain them, and identify how to attract new ones.

Unlocking the potential for customer engagement

Data and technology are considered a prerequisite for looking ahead.

  • Empowering us to better understand customer insights.

  • Shape customer experiences through better targeting, delivery of a better experience, and provision of value, depending on where customers are on their journey.

  • Providing us with visibility and understanding of the impact we are making by measuring the results of our activities.

Ultimately with its adoption and usage, we are unlocking the potential for customer connectivity. Alignment of metrics with company ambition will help the entire organization understand how customer experience and net promoter scores are linked to company performance.


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