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Understanding the customer journey

Helping today’s B2B buyers buy isn’t a sales or a marketing challenge, nearly so much as an Information challenge.

Understanding the customer journey

According to Gartner, customers are spending merely 17% of their purchase time on direct interaction with their suppliers (both virtual and in-person). So, to drive commercial success in today’s rapidly evolving digital commercial landscape the “right person, right message, right time” is an opportunity to provide customers with the information they most urgently seek.

However, the true power comes from an understanding of all the channels our customers are using and how they want to use them, throughout their entire journey. Without understanding that unique journey, you can’t provide the right information at the right time. Because there is no "single information handoff anymore” customers have become largely agnostic regarding where they find the information necessary to advance their purchase decision, yet they are exploiting digital channels' potential when seeking that critical information.

More in McKinsey article that talks about The new B2B growth equation..


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