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The term digital transformation is overused

it is not a one and done project.

It is a big, bold, brave enterprise-wide process, designed to drive change in performance, culture, and capabilities with the support of technology. Aimed to deliver business success through the development of how the company operates, understanding the potential, and how to get there.

Driving the change is hard. The success rate according to McKinsey is ~ 30%, many attempts unfortunately fail. Sharing with you a few useful tips on how you can improve your odds.

  • Aim high and think about the full potential this change could bring for your company, past performance is not limiting your future results.

  • Connect people to a broader purpose, inspire and empower them, activate them with what is meaningful to them.

  • Democratize #change by defining smaller digestible chunks, activate a broader group of people through initiatives, not only carefully chosen few, and get them to want to do more.

  • Pair will with skill, learning from best practices, building norms & behaviors to sustain organizational transformation.

  • Inspire individuals and teams “to go places where they otherwise wouldn’t go.”

Digital transformation it's not a one and done project

More in a useful podcat on the topic from McKinsey.


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