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Sometimes we need to be thrown into the water to start swimming

Many businesses have realized they are not as digital as they thought. It is well understood today how important digitalization is for the prompt response and cooperation with customers. And there is more to come. Future customer demand will show and dictate the next steps in digital evolution.

Businesses that once mapped their digital strategy in 1-3 year phases are now trying to scale their initiatives. How they are adjusting, is strongly influencing their performance.

For transformations to succeed those need to revolve more around the people than about the technology and:

  • be guided by the purpose and the positive impact, value the change can deliver.

  • have proper stakeholder buy-in understanding the whole reason for the transformation.

  • have clarity about benefits to the business and peoples’ work.

  • be communicated openly and transparently with acceptance of different perspectives, and encouragement from the top.

  • be compelling to people.

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