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Management doesn’t have all the answers

Why are “servant leaders” so rare🤔

Every manager needs to ask him/herself - How do I make my team’s lives easier—physically, mentally, and emotionally? Research shows that servant leadership enhances team performance and satisfaction, while managers themselves are finding their roles more meaningful when they are helping other people.

Management doesn’t have all the answers, servant leadership

Support is even more important when implementing change. There is a new set of business leadership principles emerging centered around trust, empowerment, and purpose. To achieve success, there are other key ingredients worth considering:

⚾ Future-focused leadership, ready to absorb new learnings and able to adapt in real-time;

⚾ Workplaces where there is trust in peoples ability to contribute without being micromanaged:

⚾ People guided by a clear compelling purpose and empowered to deal with unexpected outcomes

Management doesn’t have all the answers and needs to accept the fact that new views and ideas, come from all over the organization. Fostering “always-on” development requires engines of change that generate change from within.


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