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How does marketing need to evolve to be able to support deal closing?

Todays's buyers have more access to information than ever before and they are likely to be much further along in their buying journey than we think. That is why marketing needs to consider a ‘full-funnel approach and gain an overview across the entire customer journey. This means:

  • Having a greater focus on sales enablement. Deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time to move the customer to the next stage in their journey. Tailor content to individual channels, generate personalized messaging to address different customer roles and needs long before they come into direct contact with sales.

  • Leverage sales feedback connected to Ideal Customer Profile, learn and analyze which deals have closed, and why. Use the learning to revise the communication, to adapt it to the audience's needs now being more informed and up-to-date with customer situations.

  • When lead is identified, don’t just simply pass it on to sales. Use the #ABM approach to recognize the concerns and respond to customers’ questions. This way you can help increase their confidence in purchase and ensure they have all the information they need to persuade company decision-makers to buy as well.

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