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Bringing the change from within

Recently I heard someone say “I hate it when people say that the change starts with me. How can we change something if the management is not allowing the change to happen? If they only want to retain the status quo.”

Bringing the change from within

Organizations are comprised of people and they can’t evolve if the people don’t (want to) change. Change doesn’t happen in a vacuum, by itself. It is powered by people. And change is difficult - sometimes because of the fear of the unknown, lack of knowledge, skills, lack of information. The right culture can empower and inspire individuals for the change to happen. Without that energy, achieving and sustaining a successful evolution becomes exceedingly difficult - perhaps impossible.

  • Companies can get inspiration and learnings from other companies and then get the people together by explaining well what the future is and why we need to change. There is no need to always reinvent the wheel.

  • Instead of telling them what to do rather invite people to produce solutions trying to imagine and picture how to go forward, to bring out the change from within.

  • You will be amazed how many are willing to help and contribute. If you trust your people you will be surprised how successful they can be.


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