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Big bet on marketing

A rapid shift to digital has put even more emphasis on how the work is being done. A stronger e-commerce presence and use of digital channels is crucial, yet marketers also need to rethink how to

Big bet on marketing

  • re-connect with customers through a revised channel-mix and start two-way discussions.

  • manage today’s new wave of data and track consumer preferences, behaviors to enable rapid response to opportunities or threats.

  • efficiently personalize offers and craft trigger-based messages to ever-narrower customer segments.

  • redesign customer journeys to create a seamless experience for customers who may be in a different state of mind when buying either at home, during breaks, for the family, …

  • coordinate a much broader range of experiences from hybrid purchase/check-out options or self-service behaviors.

Marketers need to commit to bold changes in marketing strategy and investments. Systematically monitor trends, recognize indicators, and build agility into the organization for what is to come.

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