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Are you working on changing mindsets?

B2B customers are expecting trusted advice, relevant to their stage in the decision process, and delivery of a solution that adds value to their business. To be able to do that, we need to see what it’s like to do business with our company, through the eyes of our customers.

Are you working on changing mindsets?

Behind every high-performing sales and marketing team is a technology stack that empowers them to work smarter and achieve amplified results. The technology is working out the best next action to move a prospect to the next stage in the customer journey, moving the lead closer to purchase. Managing leads through the funnel requires a data-driven approach where CRM serves as a decision center, enabling visibility so the right content is provided to the right person at the right time, respectively to their role and vertical, addressing their needs, and concerns at their stage in the sales funnel.

But ABM is not a solo act. Marketing can lead the change and bring different stakeholders together around knowledge of the customer, but customer experiences are created along the complete customer journey and everybody needs to join in.

How marketing can take on the challenge? Useful guidance - Marketing as a backbone to cross-functional collaboration.


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