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We needed time to recognize

... that our development depends on our attitude toward change.

During the last three years every couple of months, and sometimes every week, we faced something new, we need to deal with. And on this journey, we went through different stages – showing us what matters and what is important, being brave and bold taking the necessary steps, pivoting and befitting from these decisions.

It's fully normal to ask - will things improve? Or will this constant upside-down feeling continue?

Nobody has a crystal ball. I guess we need to learn to accept we are in this transition and will need to continue to evolve, improve, and optimize. There will always be room for improvement as the rules continue to change. And in this ever-changing, constantly shifting need to adapt, unlearn, rethink, refocus, and optimize, we need to think about how to do things differently.

As leaders, we strive to create conditions where remarkable things can happen. And it can get addictive to always be there for guidance and advice, but we can’t be involved in everything. So, we need to learn to step back and become comfortable with “not knowing it all” and trust we have created the conditions where others can thrive. Empowerment is key to being able to navigate the change.

our development depends on our attitude toward change.


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